A New Development

Good morning Explorers,

Hope you're all doing great!

I'm glad to inform you that I would be introducing a new system today to enhance better productivity among everyone.

Alright, so..

Starting from today, I'll be introducing a new format for Knowledge materials.

In some days of the week, we're going to have days for different knowledge materials.

Let me explain better,

For instance,

On Monday is a day for knowledge materials on Personal Development, I or anyone get to share any article or write up that has to do with Personal Development.

On Tuesday, money talk Tuesday, on Tuesday we talk about money and anything related to money. We share articles on this subject matter.

On Thursday, is the Career/Skill day, yes you heard me right. We share article on any kind of skill or career tips, it could be soft or hard skill or anything to help us make a difference in our different choice of career.

Then finally on Saturday, would be our Discussion Saturday, we get to discuss different issues. Anyone can bring a topic we all can discuss and leave our opinions.


All these are for the personal, career and general development of every Explorer towards becoming a globally recognized and respectable citizen.

We exist for you at MYLLASH


Amazing can't wait

Nice development ma'am

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