"If you have just a bowl and you have been given free license to fetch gold, you can't fetch more than the capacity you have to carry it." ~Victoria Nwanna~

Read this to the last letter and you'll find out how you can become better than you ever imagined you would be.

You've probably bragged about smashing, hitting or any other word you can think, a goal or target on or before an estimated time.

But what did you get? Disappointment...

How come?

You did your best but it seemed life wasn't smiling at you

You followed every process to the end and did all that was necessary

Yet the result you anticipated didn't come...

Is this you? Or does this sound like you?

Read on,

As you drafted out your goal and thought of how you intended to go about smashing it, did you give a single thought to your capacity?

Did you weigh your bowl to find out If it was big enough to house that sum of money? achievement? result? Or whatever it is you were expecting and hoping for?

I guess you didn't..

Did you think of those areas of your life that needed improvement and growth before it could yield as much result as you wanted?

The truth is, If you don't expand your capacity, then you're only restricted to what your present capacity can hold!

So stop every mere wish or desire for a quantum leap when you're not making preparations for it.

Are you enlongating your legs to be able to leap high enough?

If you aren't, you might end up sustaining injuries and falling into a deep ditch

If a baby tries to chew bone because he saw an adult do so, he will only injure himself.

Ask yourself,

Are your teeth strong enough to chew into your desire, if they are not

Pause! Go back and grow premolars!

Expanding your capacity means being able to do things you weren't capable of doing before.

It means being able to handle things you previously couldn’t.

Expanding your capacity is like weight lifting. If you are able to lift 100 pounds but keep lifting that all the time, your capacity won’t increase.

You need to move to the next level and lift something heavier. It will feel difficult at first, but over time it will become easy. Then, once you become comfortable with it, you should lift something even heavier.

Take up new challenges!

You want to make more impact or more money but you're doing the same thing you've been doing for ages.

How's that possible?

Do something different, something new, something bigger, something more difficult and see the results.

Don't be afraid to take risks, Those who aren’t willing to take risks may never move to the next level. You might fail but you will learn a lot in the process. That will make you a better player.

And once you've achieved a certain challenge or goal, take a new and more difficult challenge.

Don’t stop and be comfortable with where you are. Keep expanding your capacity.

Every great achievement has a greater one, you did well but you can do better!

Seek to improve and expand your capacity.

© Precious Greg


I'm rooting for you..
See you at the top!


Happy Monday to you Explorers