The world is currently experiencing a global shift, rising from one level to a greater level, revolving in a fast pace which only those fast enough to catch up its pace can survive while those not prepared or informed enough would be left behind to wallow in past times.

At this period of global shift, mediocrity is not an option, following the crowd or acting like the crowd is extremely hazardous.

Instead, you need to step out, stand out and be different from the rest.

Let your uniqueness be visible, don't try to blend with the crowd. It is a popular saying that 'It is better to walk alone in the right direction than with a crowd going the wrong direction'.

There is quite a handful of ways to make a difference, one of which is to a make a decision, this is the first thing in the to-do list.

Making a decision entails making a conscious and intentional effort to stand out and be different from the people around you.

Becoming uniquely different only starts with a choice or decision on your part before every other things can be put in place. 

How then do you dare to be different?

In whatever you do strive to be the best, become your best self so that when your field or area of specialization is mentioned, your name would ring a bell.

Master one thing and be the best in it, don't become a Jack of all trade and master of none. 'Every great achievement has a greater one, you did well but you can do better.. Seek to Improve".

Additionally, avoid the 'everybody is doing it' phrase, you really don't have to do what everybody is doing.

And don't try to be like someone because of his/her achievement, Be you!!! hypocrisy only undermines your improvement and make you feel less of yourself, no one is better than the other, we all only have our different uniqueness.

Furthermore, be the man with the answer, wherever you are or in what situation or Institution you find yourself in, 'Ensure your presence is impactful and your absence is dreadful'.

Become a man or woman with ideas that are worthwhile, be an individual whom people yearn to be with or listen to, spit value in your words and actions.

Also, give something extra, learn to go extra miles, do more than you're expected to do. For that examination, read wider than you're supposed to, in whatever service you render or position you occupy ensure to give a 110% of your ability.

Do better than the usual, don't settle for less and do a little more than you're expected to, don't limit yourself, you can do it!.

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