Self awareness is the foundation for personal development because you cannot develop or change what you don't know.

It is a process that happens throughout your entire live, as you discover yourself, you continue to develop yourself.
It is proven that 90% people believe they are aware of themselves but the truth is only 15% are. 

Personal Development is simply a conscious effort made towards personal growth through increase in self awareness, improving in personal skills, and acquiring knowledge.
These conscious efforts are activities you engage in that helps improve your self awarenes, develop your talents and potentials, build himan capacity amd facilitate employability, enhance the quality of your life amd contribute to the realization of your dreams and aspirations.

Engaging in personal development helps to bring out the best in you. It brings to your consciousness hidden abilities you never knew lay within. It is a conscious process of learning, relearning and unlearning
Personal Development involves you capitalizing on areas of your strengths, managing areas of your potential weakness and continually growing your capabilities.
In order to achieve this, take the following into consideration:

1. Know yourself - Understand that you are  peculiar in your way and what works for others may not work for you. So stick to principles that align with your personality in order to be productive.

2. Start Now - There is no better time to act out change than now. Don't wait until tomorrow to take that step.

3. Be intentional - Until you are intentional about something, you will not achieve results in it. Decide in your heart that you are no longer comfortable and want a change.

4. Acquire knowledge - Improve yourself in the area you're deficient, by reading books in relation to your development plan, attend seminars, summits, workshops etc, enrol in courses, learn a skill that will be beneficial to you.

5. Be teachable - Be willing and humble to learn. As you journey through personal development, there are new things that will come your way be open to them. The day you stop learning, you start dying.

6. Embrace challenge - As you walk down the path of personal development, challenges will surely arise. They position you for success, embrace them.

7. Love yourself - No matter how you were made or what family or environment you were born into, love yourself. Self love is an appraisal of yourself. Do not expect from others what you cannot give to yourself.

8. Disconnect - Let go of unhealthy habits and lifestyles thay will hinder your growth. Know your leakages and fix them. Disconnect from wrong associations. Great minds discuss great ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people. Know the category you belong to.

Refuse to live a life of mediocrity, break out of your shell and be wowed by the person you can become.

(Productive July and Beyond)

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