Hi Explorers,

Today I'll be doing a brief run down of Personal motivation, also known as Intrinsic motivation

 Nothing is possible without a high level of motivation.

 Achieving your ambitions or achieving your personal goals require that your abilities come together when you decide to. We could define it as a reason for its action.   

The most important point is to put your personal motivation under the control of your will. It is an internal engine that is the key to all the successes and achievements of his ambitions.

Being motivated (and staying motivated) requires a relatively permanent work on oneself. It must therefore be maintained like a muscle, otherwise it will weaken. A high degree of personal motivation sweeps away obstacles and helps overcome difficult situations.

Personal motivation is the fruit of giving a reason to your action

When you want to reach a goal (or achieve an ambition or a challenge), periods of doubt and questioning always come at one time or another. It is in this motivational resource that we must first draw.

External encouragement should not be expected. If they're there, that's fine, but don't count on them. The forces are first in yourself.

Likewise, when faced with failure, it is sometimes difficult to get up and go back to action. Here again, the ability to stay motivated remains the one that once again allows us to set off again towards the path marked out for our goal.

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