In life, you can choose to be either two things (a Spectator or a Participator), and what differentiates a participator from a spectator, or a successful from an unsuccessful,  or the known from the Unknown is TAKING ACTION

Champions do not hesitate to take actions neither do they procrastinate; they do whatever that want to do at the right time.
Dreams come true only with actions.Talking about something will not get you result but doing it.

Failure is inevitable; yea you will fail at some point on your journey to success but it doesn't mean you're a failure. Your ability to keep going is what distinguishes you for success because consistent action breeds success. The Bible also states it that "faith without works is dead"

You will never leave your dream life by talking about it but by taking massive actions towards its accomplishment. Talkers are mostly always non-achievers; Don't be a talker, be a worker
You just need to take the first step; often times the hardest part is getting started but once you give yourself the push with the right mindset, you will get going.

If you dive in the deep end, you have to start swimming; push yourself to the deep end of life, push yourself to reach the top.

Acquiring knowledge, skills, etc doesn't make you a master of it until you take action by practicing and doing what you've been taught.
If you ever think of quitting, you have to renew your strength, you better get your hope back and keep going.

Now is the time for you to get up from bed
Now is the time for you to get focused and committed
Now is the time for you to stay up late
Now is the time for you to take that course
Now is the time to do what you have to do.... You must TAKE ACTION

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#Have a great week

© Precious Greg