Concept of Time Management

Time Management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

It is a skill and process by which time is divided between different activities that enable a person to work more effectively and with less effort, given the limited time.

Importance of Time Management

There are endless benefits to organizing and managing time, the most notable of which are:

1. Accomplishing tasks with less effort and greater effectiveness - Time management helps effectively to produce more tasks by setting priorities of each and then implementing them as intended, and this helps you to maximise time for greater productivity.

2. Achieving goals faster - Many people aspire to achieve their own goals, but they face a difficulty because of their lack of awareness of the importance of time, in addition to delaying or achieving these goals indefinitely.

3. Making life meaningful - Permanent preoccupation with things that are useless contributes to making life more frustrating. Time management helps to accomplish, then relax and enjoy.

4. Getting rid of hesitation - Anxiety and thinking about decisions that you will make, whether big or small, is a waste of time. Establishing a plan in which you organize your time will be a useful step to prevent you from wasting your time questioning your decisions.

5. Fostering confidence - Accomplishing tasks on time, increases your sense of self confidence and reduces feelings of fatigue which drives you to do more tasks and achievements.

6. Giving more free time - The allocation of specific hours for sleep, work, study and others helps to increase your hours of free time devoted to doing things that you prefer to do which works on your personal development such as Internship trainings, enrolling for a course etc.

7. Reducing feelings of stress and fatigue - Time management allows a review of the list of specific tasks and prioritization of things as planned, this would reduce the feeling of tension and fatigue, especially when multitasking at the same time.

Effective Time Management Skills
Some of the skills that help to organize time effectively:
1. Determine the goals you seek to achieve; be realistic
2. Prioritization; this allows you to focus more and achieve it more effectively
3. Avoid procrastination by moving away from activities that distract you from your primary mission.
4. Break down big tasks and goals into smaller tasks that are easy to accomplish
5. Persistence in achieving the goal and learning how to overcome frustration or failure that you may face on missions
6. Using a timetable to determine your time in the various activities that increase your investment of time and replace everything that has been shown to contribute to wasting time with more beneficial things.

Time is key; time is life; this is why Time Management is important and should not be neglected.

One of the best ways to give value to your time is to invest your time in productive and self improving activities.

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