Ahead of the World Youth Skill Day which was the day before, I have decided to share with us some of the soft skills which are relevant to Youths of this generation but are sometimes overlooked.

1. Search for your own philosophy
2. Search for your ability and talents
3. Goal setting
4. Visualization
5. Habits
6. Healthy lifestyle
7. The art of learning
8. Search and filter information
9. Time Management and Productivity
10. The art of meditation
11. Records with pleasure
12. Public performance
13. Ability to say NO
14. Creating your own brand
15. Managing personal finances

Our life is like a game. The game of Mario Plumber. In life, you are Mario. And you need to find your "mushrooms" that will help you grow, improve, move from level to level, develop as a person and as a professional.

When I ask my people to name a reason that prevents them from learning new skills, I get many different answers. One of them shows especially well what each of us goes through: “There are too many things around that can be studied. Too much choice ... And time is limited. 

This thought prompted me to create this article. Communicating with people and analyzing my own experience, I did a little research, and this is what happened. 

15 valuable soft skills that will help you step into a new stage of personal development. You need to start building these skills as early as possible.

1. Search for your own philosophy
The internal compass tells us if everything is going according to plan or if something went wrong. But it’s not enough to feel it - you need to soberly assess the situation in accordance with your own system of values.

To define this value system, ask yourself: “What do I value in _______ (work, relationships, friendship, life, and so on)?” The listed set will be the system of your value coordinates. Then ask yourself: “What is good and what is bad that I see in this world?” As soon as you focus on the good, “Oh hell, it's Monday again ...” miraculously turns into “Oh yes, Monday! Let's start? ” Feel the difference?

2. Discover your ability and talents
Life gives us the opportunity to find out what we are strong in and what we like to do. Your calling is your talents (what are you especially good at?), Your passion (what do you really like to do?) And the opportunities around you. Look around and you will surely find what you are looking for.

3. Setting goals
In 1979, at a lecture at the Harvard MBA program, students were asked the question: “Do you have clearly defined goals for the future and plans to achieve them?” Only 3% of students answered that they had prescribed goals and plans. Another 13% admitted that they have goals, but not in writing. The vast majority, 84%, did not have clear goals at all.

Ten years later, graduates were brought together again. They were asked how much they earn, and the incredible was revealed. 13% of graduates who had goals earned on average twice as much as those 84% who had no goals. And those 3% whose goals were clearly stated ten years ago earned ten times more than the remaining 97% combined! The targets work like a camera lens. If you focus correctly, you get a clear picture. If focus is not set, the image will be blurry.

4. Visualization
Setting goals is something you can do consciously. Your brain copes well with the generation of ideas and their thinking, but it is powerless when it comes to their implementation, because it is constantly distracted by various external events.

The subconscious mind works differently: it is able to see the full picture. When the conscious and the unconscious go hand in hand, they help you achieve your goals. 
Visualization works best immediately after waking up and a few minutes before bedtime. Presenting the smallest details, sensations and emotions as if you had already reached your goal, you force yourself to believe that it is possible to achieve the goal in principle. 

But be careful! This is not the law of attraction, which says that it’s enough to imagine a Ferrari, and tomorrow a new car will be waiting for you under the window. It doesn’t work like that. Visualization is only one side of the coin. Hard work and dedication - its second side.

5. .Habits
By habits, we often mean something negative, so I prefer to call good habits personal rituals. When I think that I SHOULD go to the gym, it is difficult for me. But when I think that I am a healthy person, and going to the gym is an important part of the life of any healthy person, it becomes easier. Give it a try!

6. Healthy lifestyle
Everyone wants to be healthy. Right? For me, for example, the goal is not just to be healthy, but also to have enough energy. In addition to nutrition, exercise regularly.

7. The art of learning
I am sure this is one of the key skills on the list. All that we are and all that we have achieved is all made possible by our ability to learn. People who have reached heights are just people who can quickly and efficiently learn new skills and apply them where necessary.

8. Search and filter information
We are all overloaded with information. Wherever you go, you will everywhere come across streams of information that will constantly distract you from your goals. Spend your time on the Internet wisely.

9. Time management and productivity
I constantly think about time, because this is the only resource that we can never renew. Where to get more time? Optimize your sleep time. Perhaps, to feel healthy, instead of the standard nine hours you only need seven or eight. Check it out! How to use time more efficiently?

Usefully spend the so-called "dead" time (at the computer or in front of the TV).
Focus on high-performance cases (remember the 80/20 rule: 20% of the tasks bring 80% of the result).
Focus on what will help you grow (reading, talking to inspiring people, working on goals).

10. The art of meditation
We constantly work, interact with people, spend a fair amount of time on the Internet. Sometimes you need to stop, relax and enjoy time spent alone with yourself. There are no rules.

Meditate as you feel comfortable. Two minutes, fifteen minutes, sitting, lying, thinking or, conversely, moving away from thoughts ... Find what is right for you, and practice it constantly.

11. Recordings with pleasure
You do not have to become a writer. Just start the tradition of writing down your thoughts on paper. Many incredible ideas are just waiting to be realized through ink.

12. Public speaking
This is perhaps one of the most useful skills that I have been able to acquire and develop. Again, you do not need to be a professional speaker. But it’s worth learning to state your ideas.

There are tons of techniques and tips, but there is a golden rule: “People don’t know what you’re talking about.” So go ahead! Tell a story or share an idea. Both that and another can change someone's life.

13. The ability to say NO
Sometimes we need to say NO. Look at this situation from an unusual perspective: “You don't say NO to others. You say YES to yourself and what matters to you. ” Of the two options, always try to choose what you love.

14. Creating your own brand
To create your brand, it will take quite a bit: just get involved in developing your strengths and let them go swimming.

15. Managing personal finances
Everything is simple here.
 Rule # 1: Spend less than you earn.
Rule # 2: Find an additional source of income (possibly passive).
Rule # 3: Invest in assets (in what generates income).

And finally
It turned out a lot. And if you are still reading this, congratulations! Growth is not empty words for you.

You must have thought: where to start?
Choose one of the items and start. It will take several hours for something, much more time for something.

But remember that mastering at least one of these skills will help you take a new step and bring impressive results in every area of your life.

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