When You Do Not Feel Like Doing Something

Today, i do not feel like doing anything. Oh, actually, i only feel like remaining in bed under the warm cover of my duvet and not get up. On most days, this is how i feel. But then i learnt a trick that got me motivated to do things that would better my future. You want to know what it was? I always thought to myself: 'What would Prosper Otemuyiwa be doing at this time?". Probably thinking of the next way to frustrate our lives with Php. Or probably thinking about the next MVP he wants to create to better our life. To cut a long story short, he definitely wouldn't be doing what i was currently.

Many people say :'I'd wait untill i feel like it to do what i should to move my life forward,' I say:'I'd have to take that step in the direction of my success to feel like it'. We all know that if we only worked or took steps bringing us closer to our dreams only on days we feel like it, then none of us would get anything done. That is because 99% of the times, we do not feel like doing the things we do untill we actually do them.So, my question to you today is: 'Are you going to wait until you feel like to study for that final year exam?, Are you going to wait until you feel like to get prepared for that interview? Are you going to wait until you feel like to do that intense workout? Are you going to wait untill you feel like to establish that business? Are you going to wait until you feel like to start learning how to code?".

Do not wait. Be the push. Motivate yourself. Take the first step. Trust me, As you keep pushing, eventually you will feel the energy coming to you like it never did before. Rememebr, today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. Whether or not you do something to achieve your goals, the time will pass by anyway. Why not do someting today your future self willl thank you for? I challeneg you today: 'Get up, take the first step, don't look back. Make the move. In the shortest time possible, you will look back and be grateful you started something and kept on doing it untill you eventually felt like.Thank you..